The first edition of this biggest show on Polish TV broke all records. STARS DANCE ON ICE reached 36% of market share. During its airing, the show produced by Rochstar for TVP 2, declassed all its competitors. Three series of this spectacular live show was produced by Rochstar for public television. The show was aired at prime time on Friday evenings.

STARS DANCE ON ICE was based on “Stars Dancing On Ice” format of a well-known Dutch company called Eyeworks. The show of this format was produced in many European countries. In its various versions, the show was aired from Spain through Italy to Russia, and everywhere it caused positive emotions, vivid discussions, and huge interest.

The Polish show was hosted by Maciej Kurzajewski, one of the most liked sports presenter and journalist. The co-host in the first and second series f the show was a singer Tatiana Okupnik, which was replaced in the third edition by another singer Justyna Steczkowska. The panel of judges consisted of: a respected sports journalist Włodzimierz Szaranowicz, the biggest scandalmonger of Polish music industry Doda, a choreographer and dancer Igor Kryszyłowicz, a judge of biggest figure skating events Maria Zuchowicz, and a controversial stylist Tomasz Jacyków. In the finale of the first series the biggest legend of figure skating Katarina Witt was in the panel of judges.

The participants of STARS DANCE ON ICE - artists, journalists, and athletes - were teamed up with professional figure skaters. Celebrities competed against each other in order to win Diamond Couple statuette. Celebrities who participated in the show were: Anna Popek, Przemysław Saleta, Gosia Andrzejewicz, Katarzyna Glinka, Weronika Książkiewicz, Marek Kościkiewicz, Małgorzata Pieczyńska, Robert Rozmus, Beata Ścibakówna, Agnieszka Włodarczyk, Michał Milowicz, and many more.

The winners of the first series were Olga Borys (actress) and Sławek Borowiecki. The winners of the second series were: Ola Szwed (ctress) and agian Sławek Borowiecki. Samuel Palmer (actor) and Agnieszka Dulej-Urbańska won the third series.

What were the rules of the show? One couple leaves each week. Two lowest placed couples then compete in a final showdown known as the "Skate Off". Who deserves to stay was decided by television audience through SMS and telephone voting. The couples trained hard for a number of weeks before entering the competition; they had to overcome their body limitations and ... gravity. Celebrities paid dearly in sweat, hard work, and numerous falls.

Only in this show did celebrities face a real risk of a fall! But it was only thanks to the show produced by Rochstar that they had opportunity to manage a difficult art of figure skating and experience unforgettable moments full of joy and satisfaction from what they achieved.


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