First Dates
There is nothing as exciting and intimidating as a first date! It's accompanied by stress and uncertainty, hope and curiosity, flirtatious smiles as well as many funny and awkward moments. It may happen that a spark of true passion ignites on the first date. But sometimes the opposite may also be true; when the disappointment gains the upper hand and the participants get sarcastic with each other.
Rinke is back behind the bars
'Rinke Behind Bars' returns to POLSAT TV this autumn. The second season filmed in Penal Institution in Siedlce covers Rinke Rooyens' stay in one of the toughest prisons in Poland. He got to talk to repeat offenders serving long term sentences and also learnt the point of view of Prison Service officers. The documentary series will air Wednesdays at 10.05 pm.
DWTS Season 6 premiere September 2nd!
Dancing with the Stars returns to Polsat on September 2nd!


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